Universal concrete construction can work tirelessly and efficiently, producing high quality formwork on time. John Cimino’s company ensures that formwork will be perfect and identical to what is required off job plans. The highly respected company also provides its own formwork, which ensures that the necessary resources are available to complete any project on time.


A major role throughout the company and a major requirement to a professional finish includes steel fixing. John Cimino’s company provides efficient steel fixers who are reliable and work around the clock to ensure every project is on track.


Universal Concrete Construction is dedicated and promises to produce the best concrete pours and finishes in Sydney. With concreting being common throughout John Cimino’s family and being passed on through the previous generations, extensive experience assures a high quality finish. Universal Concrete Construction has already completed thousands of pours and every project is finished with exceptional class. If needed, John Cimino’s team will work around the clock and the weather to ensure that every project is done on time, no matter how big or small.

Concrete Pumping

Another fabulous asset to Universal Concrete Construction and Uniflow Concrete is the possession of a modern concrete pump. John Cimino and his team can now complete concrete pumping and the pump is also available for hire for any job throughout Sydney. The modern concrete pump ensures that concrete pours are performed perfectly.

Truck Hire

As well as having a concrete pump available for hire, Universal Concrete Construction offers truck hire which is a necessity and a fantastic feature which should be taken advantage of. Truck hire is cheap and always reliable, with modern trucks ensuring that other companies and independent contractors can use these facilities for optimum advantage and performance.

John Cimino’s companies currently have a team of over twenty five workers who are the best in their respective fields and industries. Universal Concrete Construction and Uniflow Concrete Pumping are two of the fastest growing and best companies in Sydney. You will get a great finish, as can be seen throughout our extensive history. Also it is important to note we are capable of completing the largest of projects. We look forward to hearing from you.