Universal Concrete Construction is committed to providing excellent services towards customers, in an efficient and responsible manner. To facilitate this commitment, our objective is to provide a working environment that is conducive to an individual staff member performing at his or her best with ease. To this end, we have developed an Employee Manual and Occupational Health and Safety Work Place Methods that each staff member must read and sign to indicate understanding and acceptance of our and the Industry requirements.




Our Core Values reflect the strong family values instilled by the Cimino family and are an integral component of achieving our Vision:

  • Integrity - Be Fair, open and honest in all of our dealings remembering at all times that our word is set in concrete
  • Accountability - Understand the consequences of our actions and make sure we do our task safely and correctly.
  • Respect - Appreciate everybody's efforts and be positive. Have pride in the Company, our work and our people.
  • Innovation - Never be happy with the norm. Always look to do our tasks in a better and improved manner.
  • Courage - To always persevere and get the job done regardless of the difficulties that may arise.
  • Be the Best - Always set out to be the best at what we do and ensure that we recognize and celebrate our achievements


We have identified a number of key elements in our team strategy which we call our virtues:

  • Sharing is a virtue which is crucial to an effective team spirit. Greed and selfishness place individuals outside of the team and ultimately outside of the business
  • Patience is a virtue which is fundamental to managing egos and personalities. No one is perfect, so we must be ready to apologize and equally ready to forgive.
  • Loyalty is a virtue which will bind a team together even in adversity.


Similarly, we have identified key guidelines in our team strategy related to professionalism:


Personal Presentation: Regardless of gender, a professional standard of dress is required. Our clothing must always reflect our professionalism and the industry to which we belong. Behaviour: Behaviour is a key element of our professionalism.


Swearing, yelling and threatening behaviour are not acceptable. Although our environment may become stressful, our manner shall always remain professional at all times. Occasional slips do occur and these are recognized, nevertheless repeated breaches of this standard of behaviour are not acceptable at Universal Concrete Constructions.


A key element of professional behaviour relates to the manner of driving of company & private vehicles. We expect all staff to drive responsibly as respectable members of the community.